Auto Accidents

Your sitting at an intersection in your car when you hear a screeching of tires and the harsh sound of metal hitting metal. In less than a fraction of a second your car is being moved by some unseen force! Your feel you head snap as you are thrown about inside the car.

Often times auto accident victims are stunned for several minutes. When an auto accident occurs, your body is going to release a hormone called “adrenaline”. Adrenaline will frequently mask any pain you may be experiencing. This is both a good and bad thing. It can be bad because many injured victims minimize their injuries and do not seek immediate medical or chiropractic care. We have heard from patients and law enforcement that the injured victim told the officer on scene they were “fine no problems whatsoever”. The victim then goes home and after several hours to several days they slowly develop more and more pain.

It’s also tempting to minimize your own injuries in minor accidents because your car has sustained little or no damage. Research shows that occupants can be injured considerably more than what you’d expect from a dented fender or a broken taillight. Cars have shock absorbing bumpers and other safety devices to minimize damage to a car in an accident. But these safety devices, shock absorbing bumper systems, have been shown to increase injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

If you have been involved in an accident, you should visit the emergency room day or night, to ensure you have not experienced a life threatening injury or disability. Once you have visited the ER, you need to call our office for a more detailed and thorough evaluation. This is very important, the ER will release you and often give a clean bill of health, simply because you have no fractures or life threatening injuries despite evidence showing torn muscles and ligaments, disc injuries and instability.

Whether it was a little incident in the parking lot, or two cars attempting to occupy the same space in an intersection, you need people who know how to work with lawyers and insurance companies.

If you’ve been in a car accident, give us a call. We’ve been through this many times. We work with several medical specialists in town, including physical rehabilitation specialists, neurologists, orthopedists and pain management specialists.

Dr. Fife has taken additional post-graduate training through Texas A&M University on Collision Reconstruction. This enables him to have a far better understanding of your injuries and how they could have occurred in a minor accident or a major accident. This knowledge is absolutely critical if the person who hit you insurance company tries to deny liability for your injuries.

Do I Need an Attorney

Often times patients will ask us if they should get an attorney. Our answer is yes, but be careful. With over 23 years experience treating auto accident victims and dealing with nearly every personal injury attorney in the Las Vegas Valley, we are in a unique position to recommend only those attorneys we know have your best interest at heart. Before you consult an attorney, contact us, our friendly staff will gladly recommend an excellent attorney to you. If you already have an attorney, that is okay, we can work with him/her and will gladly except a lien by them.


In most cases, treatment will be covered 100%. We gladly accept attorney liens.

If you are unsure if you need medical or chiropractic care, call us today at 702-655-1199 for a complimentary consultation.