If you suffer from headaches, you must know that there could be many reasons for your pain and suffering. The majority of headaches generally begin in neck. They can occur in the front of your head, behind your eyes, or in the back of your skull. Headaches are frequently due to another issue, such as back pain or neck pain. Sometimes headaches can occur because of tension or pressure in another area of the body and depending on your own personal situation, headaches can be a one-time experience or a chronic problem.

There is no reason to live in pain and you deserve a better quality of life. A chiropractor can help cure your problem with headaches and get to the root of the problem; there is no reason for you to feel that your only option is to pop another aspirin.

If you have been experiencing headaches, there is a time to seek medical care. If you feel any of the following, schedule an appointment today:

  • A headache that starts suddenly, or is associated with bending over, standing up or stretching.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever or stiff neck
  • Weakness in back or in limbs
  • Changes in vision or balance
  • Constant “pill-popping”
  • Other pain related to neck, back and shoulders.

A chiropractor can help determine if your headache is caused by another problem related to your neck, back or shoulders, and will be able to recommend a plan of treatment. Call today to schedule an appointment to talk about your headaches and start the process of feeling better: 702-655-1199.