What to Expect

If you’ve never been to see a doctor of chiropractic before, you may have questions about what to expect.

If you’re familiar with chiropractic care, but are seeking a new doctor, you may wonder what makes Advanced Chiropractic Specialists special. Simply put, our doctor and staff go out of their way to treat you with the greatest respect and understanding possible. We don’t rush through your consultation, but rather use this valuable time to really get to know you, your health history and discuss with you your symptoms and treatment options, so that you always feel like a partner in your treatment, and never like just another patient.

If your history and symptoms suggest that chiropractic care is the appropriate course of treatment, Dr. Fife will give you a thorough, yet gentle, examination to help isolate the cause of your symptoms. Your exam may include testing your reflexes, mobility, muscle weakness, misalignment and other relevant bodily functions.

If necessary, he and you may decide an x-ray, MRI, CT or NCV scan, or a diagnostic ultrasound will offer more complete information. Dr. Fife will then discuss with you his findings in plain, easy-to-understand terms and recommend treatment options, including what you can expect going forward.

Dr. Fife will always keep you informed and fully involved in your therapy so that you can work together to restore and maintain your optimum health.