Diversified Technique

Suffering from back pain, neck pain, spinal problems or other joint problems, Advanced Chiropractic Specialists may use the diversified technique as part of your treatment.

The diversified technique is the most commonly used chiropractic treatment; it involves the manipulation and adjustment of the spinal column and/or arms/legs. It is called the Diversified Technique because it is a combination of the best techniques from other methods of manipulation. It involves the use of a low amplitude thrust to adjust the spine and correct any joint dysfunction, and it continues to be one of the most effective treatments for patients of all ages and health histories.

Here’s a close look at how Dr. Brian Fife of Advanced Chiropractic Specialists in Las Vegas uses the diversified technique.

Key Characteristics

The diversified technique is applied very quickly and usually results in a “popping” sound as the spine and joints are pushed back into alignment. 

It is one of the most widely used forms of manipulation in the chiropractic field, and consists solely of manual adjustments – no tools or devices are used to perform the adjustment, and you will only feel the sensation of the chiropractor’s hands throughout the treatment process.

The diversified technique is unique because it uses only a small thrust movement on a specific joint. This results in a clicking sound caused by the surface of the joint separating and releasing trapped gas/air.

This is a completely natural effect, and is the result of decreased pressure inside the joint which creates a gas bubble. When this bubble releases, the joint makes a noticeable clicking or popping sound.


The diversified technique is one of the most efficient and effective ways to move a joint that is out of place or

Dr. Fife chiropractic treatments offer a natural alternative to surgery and can effectively help manage pain and reduce the effects of an injury.

Diversified technique is the technique most commonly used on professional and amateur athletes and has been shown to enhance athletic performance.